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Welcome To Jay Bharat
Jay Bharat Plastics is a professional manufacturer, which specialized in producing all kinds of plastic taps, bibcocks and faucets.After several years development, We have mastered injection technology well, and can produce high quality products according to the drawingandprocesschart.

We have produced a lot of bibcocks, such as faucet, tap, bibcock, water faucet, water tap, water bibcock, Plastic Faucet, plastic tap, plastic bibcock, plastic water faucet, PP faucet, PP tap, PP bibcock, ABS faucet, ABS tap, ABS bibcock, PVC faucet, PVC tap, PVC bibcock, bib cock, bib tap, stopcock, stop cock, bub bler, Spigot, la llave, de la llave, water hole, Kran air, Kran Plastik, water halter, angle cock, hydrant, inclined tap, pillar cock, washing machine tap and garden tap.

Our products exported to South East Asia, Middle East and South America, and are very popular on the local market.
Competitive price is based on guarantee quality, hope to establish long time business relationship with you!
Good quality, good service and competitive price, welcome old and new customers.
Our Products